Zadig & Voltaire – Girls Can Do Anything

Since Zadig & Voltaire launched their first fragrance, I gave them a special place in my fragrance collection.  That’s why I was very excited to hear that they were going to bring out a complete new perfume. This season they have launched a new fragrance: Girls Can Do Anything, in line with a collection of T-shirts and accessories that carry this inscription. As the name implies, the new fragrance symbolizes liberation from norms and a new form of femininity: free, uninhibited and impertinent.


Girls can do anything becomes the name of a signature trail, the perfect incarnation of new femininity, free, uninhibited and impertinent! A bold fern twisted by the delicate pear/Tonka bean duo and exalted by a musk-infused vanilla. An ode to olfactory liberation! 

Top notes: bergamot, pear, orange blossom

Heart notes: tonka bean

Base notes: vanilla, fern, musk, ambroxan

When I first received the fragrance, I did not know what I expect from it. Would it be: super edgy or very feminine? It was neither of both! Girls Can Do Anything is a very unique sweet fragrance, which is not over the top sweet, but balanced out by some freshness. It’s the perfect everyday chic fragrance, and smells much more ‘luxurious’ than you would imagine. I mean, give me a fragrance with tonka bean, vanilla and musk and I’m a happy girl!

If you are looking this season for a sweet musky fragrance, which is a bit different than usual and not overpowering, than definitely try it out in the stores!

Zadig & Voltaire – Girls Can Do Anything is available in 30 ml, 50 ml en 90 ml (starting from € 55,-)

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  1. 18 September 2018 / 09:42

    Ohh, this sounds like a good fragrance! I love the bottle and your photos, really nice! 🙂


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