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My favorite sheetmask brand Starskin asked me if I would join their #MaskBoss challenge, in this challenge you try out 7 different masks for 7 days. They brought out a gift set with these 7 masks that would work wonderful together. Maybe you recognize the brand from the famous lace mask, youtubers like NikkieTutorials and Jeffreestar have tried it out as well. I just love love love the brand, because all the products I have tried out so far, really worked for my skin. Besides I really like the design of their products and how innovative they are and come up with so many new things. I really couldn’t wait to try the 7 masks in the gift set, and see if I could get that glowy skin before the holiday season!

Day 1 – Red Carpet Ready™ – Hydrating Face Mask

The Red Carpet Ready mask is the only mask in this set that I have tried out before! The face mask is soaked in a full bottle of skin-plumping serum (30ml!!) for a red carpet ready glow. It promises to deeply infuse dehydrated skin with intense hydration and I think almost everyone needs this during the cold fall and winter seasons. It’s the ultimate treatment to get an Instagram perfect skin, so if you have a big event coming up or you just want that glowy skin for christmas or New Years Eve, than this is the mask that you need!  It will only take 20 minutes of your time and you will notice results straight away.

Day 2 – 7-Second Morning Mask™ 7-in-1 Miracle Skin – Mask Pad

The 7-Second Morning Mask is a complete different product than all the other masks that Starskin has brought out so far. It combines the ultimate 7-step morning skincare routine into only one pad! It is a perfect solution for busy lifestyles, since it will brighten your skin straight away. The pad has 2 sides with a different effect: the front side will massage, exfoliate and tone your skin, and the back side will nourish and protect your skin (serum), moisturize (day cream) and will also set a perfect base for your makeup application. This is the product that had the biggest effect on my skin. I think this is because of the exfoliate effect, which is a big must for my skin. I recently talked about this in my Skincare Special article as well.

When my mom saw me that day without my make-up, she literally pointed to the model Imaan on the cover of the Vogue October Issue (The Netherlands) and said my skin looked just like hers. I don’t think I could get a bigger compliment. I need this mask in full size in my life!


Lately I have been seeing the lip masks being used by a lot of celebs, for example Kim Kardashian as well. I have never tried out a lip mask before, so I was really curious if I would see results. My lips are usually very dry and I definitely needed a hydration treatment, plus the plumping effect would be a nice bonus. On this day I was preparing myself to go to an even from Lancome, where I would be trying out lip products as well. The timing couldn’t be any better! Hydration? Much needed!

The lip mask lip mask closely follows the contours of your lips for a skin-tight fit, delivering 15 ml of super-nourishing serum in just 15 minutes. Sea Fern, collagen and hyaluronic acid instantly plump lips and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while deeply moisturizing coconut oil, honey and chia seeds leave lips soft and smooth. It is really easy to apply and by the time I was done with my smokey eyes, I could already move on to the rest of my face and of course the lips! As you can see on the picture, my lips look nourished, full and very soft. The result was noticable straight away! It was definitely a great base before testing out lipsticks all night at the event!

Day 4 – Lifting Lace™ Revamping Meltaway Lace – Eye Mask

One of my favorite skincare masks are cooling eye masks, you can never go wrong with them! I can almost assure you that this is probably the prettiest eye mask you have ever seen in the skincare world! Gorgeous, fine lace is enveloped in a gel concentrate which gently melts into the skin. The serum in this eye mask is a cocktail of: Hyaluronic Acid for a plumping effect, Collagen to hydrate, brightening Korean Mugwort and anti-aging Green Tea. After removing the mask, I noticed straight away how much my skin around my eye area felt tighter and hydrated!  It’s also an amazing treatment after a night out to gift your tired eyes a boost, because of the cooling effect!

Day 5 – Lifting Lace™ Sculpting V-Shape Compression – Face Mask

As Vogue would say: this lace mask is like contour for your face! The lace eye mask still had a gel texture, but this mask is made from cotton fibers! Maybe it is hard to imagine it, but I think the pictures say enough. It fits really tightly on the face and chin to visually sculpt and reshape dull and sagging skin, simulating a natural face-lift for a more defined V-line. After I saw Nikkietutorials reviewing this mask, my expectations were high. Not only is the look of the mask itself special, it is also the world’s first non-water based serum V-Shape compression lace mask (75% Coffee Seed Extract).  This superfood sculpts the skin by drawing excess fluid from fat cells to improve the skin’s appearance and reducing swelling. I had no idea that an ingredient like Coffee Extract could do this.

This face mask is so different to apply, since it connects to your ears and covers your chin/neck area as well. I wish all the masks came in this shape, because it sits perflecty on your skin and doesn’t move anywhere. I was still capable to do some chores around the house while ‘wearing’ it!  My skin is not sagging and I don’t need a face lift, but who doesn’t love a naturally more sculpted face? It’s time to say bye to your contour powders!

Day 6 – 7-Second Morning Mask™ 7-in-1 Miracle Skin – Mask Pad

This is the only mask that comes 2 times in the kit, scroll above to day 2 for the full review!

Day 7 – AFTER PARTY™ – Brightening Face mask

The perfect way to end this challenge is with the After Party brightening face mask! This mask intensely energizes for visibly brighter, radiant skin. I recommend to use it on a relaxed sundaynight, in this way you will start the week with a fresh and glowy skin. The star ingredient in this mask is coconut, this is deeply hydrating and nourishing and beneficial for irritated and sensitive skin. An extra tip is to put it in the fridge before, it will feel extra cooling on the skin when you apply it. This mask will definitely give your skin a beautiful glow for the upcoming days and make it look less dull!

I can definitely recommend every single items from this Starskin #MaskBoss gift set and I might even buy some products separetly for my friends this holiday so we can prep together for New Years! My favorite product is definitely the 7-second morning mask.

Starskin #MaskBoss Gift Set – €29,99 (instead of €45,95) – Selfridges, Douglas, Beautybay, Asos Beauty, Beauty Expert,


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