Musthave lipsticks for Fall 2018

This season Bourjois came out with the Fall in love collection, featuring 6 new fallproof lipstick shades. The Rouge Velvet lipsticks have a beautiful matte finish ánd they are very pigmented. I truly fell in love with them. Today I will be reviewing a few of the newer shades, but also colors that were already existing in the permanent collection. 

Give your lips a long-lasting matte effect and intense color that stays on for up to 24 hours with Rouge Velvet the lipstick! Choose from a large range of shades and wear the color you feel. Thanks to a combination of light oil and hydrating waxes, it will keep your lips comfortable and moisturized, while precise application ensures a great effect every time. Now you can stay on top of chic gossip all day until it’s time to say, “Adieu!”

Bourjois – Rouge Velvet Lipstick – N13 Nohalicious

Warm soft brown with wooden rose notes

Bourjois – Rouge Velvet Lipstick – N15 Peach-Time

Fresh peach nude shade with a touch a pink

Bourjois – Rouge Velvet Lipstick – N16 Caramelody

Dark beige with yellow touch 

Bourjois – Rouge Velvet Lipstick – N18 Mauve Marte

Warm, light purple

Bourjois – Rouge Velvet Lipstick – N21 Grande Roux

Warm copper

I never expected how much I would love the “Tear drop” shape of the lipstick. It makes such a different in the application process. Especially with pigmented matte shades, it can be a bit tricky to apply the color evenly on your lips. But with the special shape, you can apply it so precisly which means you almost don’t even need to use a lipliner. The texture feels extremly comfortable, because it contains a moisturizing complex that combines hydrating waxes with light oil. You won’t say “Au revoir” to it!

The Fall in love collection from Bourjois is exclusively available!

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