Guerlain: Christmas Collection 2018

Guerlain knows how to make christmas collections like no other brand. This time it’s a special occassion: celebrate the 190 years of creation by Guerlain by discovering their new holiday make-up collection 2018! From the classic Roug G lipsticks to the Maxi Shine glosses: every product is a wink to the House symbols, with a little holiday twist.

Guerlain – Rouge G ( € 32,00 – lipstick) + ( € 15,00 – case)

Guerlain – Rouge G lipstick – N92

Guerlain – Rouge G lipstick – N91

Guerlain – Rouge G lipstick – N93

A Guerlain holiday collection is not complete without the classic Rouge G lipsticks. Recently these lipsticks have become customizable. First you choose which shade lipstick you want: from the most nude to the most extravagant. Than you choose your case from a multitude of styles: from the most timeless to the trendiest. You can use the same cases from other Rouge G lipsticks for your new lipsticks as well. In this collection you will find a limited edition gold case and three new limited edition metallic shades.

Guerlain – KissKiss Matte lipstick – Electric Ruby – € 37,50

This 190th Anniversary Limited Edition KissKiss Matte, moisturising and plumping matte lipstick, as intense as traditional lip colour that offers the comfort of a lip balm, adopts a dazzling ruby red look! In the formula you will find a hint of subtle chili pepper extract that makes lips look fuller, meanwhile the precious oil and hylaronic acid help to smooth and moisturize them. You can see the results straight away in the lipstick swatch: the finish is complete matte, but my lips still look very hydrated.

Guerlain – KissKiss lipstick – Electric Gold – € 37,50

KissKiss is always full of surprises! To celebrate Guerlain’s anniversary, it has taken on a golden hue in a new Limited Edition. Lipsticks like these I like to use as a topcoat, which means using it on top of another lipstick for an extra sparkling effect. Especially for festive season you can play a lot with colors like these.

Guerlain – Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine – € 33

Guerlain – Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine – Electric Pink 

Guerlain – Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine – Electric Copper 

Guerlain – Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine – Electric Red


I still remember when I received my first Gloss d’Enfer as a gift for the holiday season and how much I used it. So I was very excited to see that they launched three new, limited edition shades: electric pink, electric copper and electric red. I’m not the biggest fan of metallic shades, but these glosses definitely changed my mind. Not only does the non-sticky texture glide over your lips, but it keeps them soft as well. The shade: electric red is my favourite and I’m definitely considering wearing it for the holidays.

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