Givenchy Spring Makeup Collection 2019

Givenchy Beauty is making their spring extra colourful with the new makeup collection. The collection is inspired the colors of the rainbow in a “Pop Attitude” spirit. Not only the inside of the products is very surprising, the collection also has a pink limited edition leather packaging.

Givenchy Beauty – Prisme Blushes – N°2 Love & N°10 Power

The highlight of the collection is definitely the blush. Four shades featured in a pair of two-toned harmonies : the darker, matte shade is ultra-pigmented whereas the lighter variation is a pearlescent highlighter offering an almost wet effect. It softens the strongest color or brings a radiant glow when the two shades are blended.

Givenchy Beauty – Dual Liner – N°03 DYNAMIC & N°04 PASSIONATE

A new product that Givenchy has released recently is the dual liner. Create a rainbow eyeshadow look with a double stroke of dual liner. The thin line, to be used as an eyeliner, and the eyeshadow are revealed with a single, extra-easy application.

Givenchy Beauty – Le Rouge Perfecto -N°05 SPIRITED

Another beauty product that I have been using on a regular base lately are tinted lip balms. Givenchy also has it in their collection and calls it the ”beautifying lip balm”. Le Rouge Perfecto reacts to your lips’ pH to offer a personalized color nuance thanks to its eosin-based formula. A tangy choice for this energizing lip balm, like sinking your teeth into an orange.

Givenchy Beauty – Le Rouge -N°332 FEARLESS

One of my favorite Givenchy Beauty products are lipsticks, that’s why I get very excited every single time when they release new ones in the collection. The wax in their lipsticks creates a voluptuous, creamy result, and microspheres of hyaluronic acid densify and moisturize the lips. The formula feels very light on your lips and is like always: extremly pigmented!

Givenchy Beauty – Le Vernis – N°12 STRONG

This limited-edition nail polish adorns nails with an intense, deep blue in just one stroke for tip-to-toe elegance.

You can find the new Givenchy Spring 2019 makeup collection now in stores!

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