Dior Joy Parfum

This year is full of surprises in the beauty industry, and Joy by Dior is one of them! In september 2018, a brand new Dior fragrance for women came out. And it’s not just any fragrance, it’s an ode to life. This newborn creation pays homage to the couturier-perfumer’s most dearly heald dream: to make women ”not only more beautiful, but happier”. Like a declaration of love for femininity, Joy de dior is a hymn to happiness.


“Bringing to life a new Dior perfume is a major event, for the entire House as well as for me. It has to bring together and delight women and men alike. It has to have an all-embracing, generous dimension, a strong signature. I was lucky enough to have known its name from the outset. And what a name! It’s short, bold yet hardly grandiloquent. It’s open to so many possibilities, simultaneously by softness and energy. Joy is a whisper, ” – François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

Precious few letters express the immensity of an emotion: joy. This direct, humble little word has defined us from the outset. A little extra bit of soul that makes life even more intense: “Is there a more desirable experience than joy? ” Joy is more intense and deeper than pleasure, and more real than hppiness; it’s a manifestaton of our vital force,” wrote the philosopher Frédéric Lenoir in his book The Power of Joy.

Top notes: bergamot, mandarine

Heart notes: Grasse rose, jasmine

Base notes: sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, white musk


The best way to describe Joy is as a crystal, fresh and sparkling fragrance, which is very easy to wear and safe for any occasions. It’s a mix between citrus and woody accords, meanwhile remaining sweet.  Joy is not a fragrance that you can relate to a season, I would wear it anywhere, anytime: on a snowy winterday or a hot summer day. The only thing that I wish, is that the fragrance could stay a little bit longer on my skin. But if you combine the perfume with the body lotion, this problem is easily fixed! Don’t forget to keep Joy in mind, during festive season, it would be an amazing gift as well!

Joy by Dior is available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 90 ml (starting from € 70,50)