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In july, you could read (click here) all about my amazing experience when I visited the CHANEL laboratorium for Hydra Beauty. I got to learn a lot more about active ingredients and the formula of the Hydra Beauty products. I started to try out the products straight away, because reviewing skincare products can take a while. After a few months of trying out, I decided to share my skincare routine with reviews included! 


With a combination of active ingredients at the height of their potential and exceptional textures, HYDRA BEAUTY skincare products do more than just moisturize, protect and illuminate skin: they help skin withstand long days and short nights, protect itself from harsh pollution and counteract the dryness of air conditioning, combat fatigue and regain energy… But the reason women apply them every day with the same eagerness and desire is because of their transforming textures, which instantly melt on skin unleashing a cascade of sensations.



Back when I reviewed this product in May, I was already extremely enthousiastic. But now, 6 months later, this became my favorite skincare item ever. I take a few drops of HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence and gently press the product onto my cheeks, forehead and chin. Always apply the product on a clean skin, before applying your serum or moisturizer.

I love to use this liquid essence in the morning, all year round. In the summer, it cools down my skin. But during the winter period it makes my skin immediately feel super fresh and it wakes me up. Because let’s be honest, waking up early becomes a lot less bad, with this liquid essence.  If you are looking for a hydration boost in your skincare routine, than you need to try this!

Did you know that every bottle of Liquid Essence holds about 5000 micro-droplets? Each droplet is filled with 50% fresh camellia cell active ingredients! 


CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum – € 124,00

The Hydra Beauty Micro Serum has been a favourite serum of many people that I know, so I was very excited to try it out too. It is the first serum which is composed of camellia micro-droplers, based on an exclusive patented technology derived from Microfluidics. I remember when I was at the lab, they told us how difficult the proces was of creatings droplets of active ingredients, and making sure the purity remains intact: from the bottle to the moment of application.

The serum in combination with the Liquid Essence and the Micro Crème is a hydration bomb! No more dry patches on your skin, it will truly hydrate it to the fullest. The exclusive active ingredients play a big role: Camellia Alba PFA (for continuos hydration) and Camellia Alba OFA (for a plumping and smoothing effect). Not to mention Blue Ginger PFA, a powerful antioxidant!

Did you know that CHANEL has established a full controlled supply chain? From searching for the best ingredients possible to extracting them. 

CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux – € 58,00

I have to admit, I’m very strict when it comes down to my skincare routine and I never try to miss any step. But with skincare products for the eyes, I’m always lacking. This is usually a step that I skip when I am in a hurry, but it’s still extremly important and CHANEL definitely reminded me of that. Especially since the skin around the eye area is the most delicate.

This intense smoothing hydration eye gel targets puffiness, dark circles and dehydrated fine lines. It has a jellified texture, which feels very very pleasant on your skin. Just like the Liquid Essence, this product can truly help to wake me up. You only need to use the tiniest amount of product, and your eye area will fee fresh and smoothed straight away.

Bye bye dark circles and puffy eyes! 




The final step of my daily skincare routine is the Hydra Beauty Micro Crème. This product is the first cream, which also contains the camellia micro-droplets. At the heart of micro-droplets, the camellia extract is preserved in its purest form. Upon application, the micro-droplets fuse with the skin. The perfect moisturizer to complete the hydrating ritual created by CHANEL

Did you know that the technology is created at Harvard?



When I think about masks for your face, I think of different kinds of sheet masks or clay masks that I like to apply when I’m having a spa day at home. I don’t often use a night mask, so I was very curious how this one would work. I apply a thin layer of the product with the applicator on my face and let it sit for a few minutes. Since I always have very dry lips, I really like to apply it there as well. Then I massage my face gently and let the product on my face the entire night.

The best part is that in the morning, there won’t be any product left on your face, since it has all been absored in your skin. My face ánd lips feel extremly soft and look very fresh and radiant. I never had the need before to use overnight masks, but now I understand why people like to use them. Now colder days are coming up, and it’s almost winter, I want to start adding this step to my skincare routine more often!

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